Most Popular Fighting Styles in the UFC

Most Popular Fighting Styles in the UFC

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When it comes to Mixed Martial Arts competitions the UFC sits as the reigning champ.  The UFC was initially put together to pit different martial arts styles against one another to prove which is the best.  The UFC has been instrumental in taking the sport of mixed martial arts and bringing it to the mainstream.  Pay Per View events and championship fights draw in millions of viewers across the world and these athletes are among the best paid in the world.

Which Style is Best?

The debate as to which style is best has been going on for years but with the growing popularity of UFC many professional fighters study several styles and mixed martial arts has become a style of its own.  If you watch an MMA fight you will see competitors using both stand up and ground fighting to win their match.  This has changed the match from one style versus another to one competitor versus another.  There are exceptions, for example high profile fights like Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor which put an MMA fight up against a boxer.  That fight was less about fighting styles and more about the personalities and money and not indicative of one style being better than another.

Most Popular Fighting Styles

Whether you prefer one style over another there are a handful of fighting styles that you see fairly often in both MMA and UFC matches.  These fighting styles have proven effective again and again.  Let’s take a look at some of the more popular fighting styles that you can expect to see in an MMA fight.

  1. Boxing: When you watch a UFC match and see stand up fighting then it’s almost a guarantee that they are boxing. Boxers are fast, the punches are effective and you can knock out your opponent before you get to the ground game.
  2. Kickboxing: If the opponents aren’t boxing then there is a good chance that kick boxing is part of their strategy.  Kickboxing allows you to throw punches, elbows, knees or whatever is effective and defeat your opponent.  Many kickboxers are also trained in Muay Thai and use those skills in the octagon.
  3. Wrestling: Wrestling is one of the oldest combat sports in the world, it goes all the way back to ancient Greece.  Wrestling is used in ground fighting to take down and subdue your opponent.
  4. Brazilian Jui Jitsu: Originating in Japan the Brazilian style comes from the Gracie family who taught in Rio de Janiero and it has been highly successful in competition.
  5. Judo and Karate: Both of these are extremely popular martial arts and you will find most if not all MMA fighters have trained in these martial arts at one time or another.