The Rise of the UFC


The Rise of the UFCUFC or Ultimate Fight Championships has become one of the most popular sporting organizations in the world.  Today it stands as the biggest association of mixed martial artists with billions of dollars on the line.  When championship fights happen millions of viewers order Pay Per View and the matchups are seen by millions around the world.

The Cage Match

UFC combines an array of martial arts from wrestling to boxing to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, with combatants fighting in a steel cage.  The UFC has realism that’s lacking in professional wrestling and there’s more blood than there is in boxing.  UFC fighters are broken up into weight classes much like boxing and each weight class has their own championship.  Fights take place in a fenced in octagon and there are very few rules.  Fighters spend years training before they are ready to step into the octagon.  They hone their skills while watching countless hours of video of their opponents looking for weaknesses.  Championship fights draw incredibly huge audiences and even more watching at home.  Here is a look at a championship match so you have an idea.koffiekopjes

The TV Show

Way back in 2005 a tv show hit the airwaves on Spike called “The Ultimate Fighter” and the show was put together to show fans exactly what it takes to compete in the octagon.  Between the tv show and the growing popularity of mixed martial arts the UFC would grow into this massive organization with fans and followers all over the world.

The Fighters

Over the years the UFC has had some amazing fighters with huge fan bases of their own.  Not only do these guys work tremendously hard to become elite athletes some of them have made massive fortunes doing so.  Fighters like George St Pierre, Chuck Lidell and more recently Conor McGregor  have earned more than eight figures during their career.  The fights have only 3 rules, no biting, no hitting in the back of the head and no eye gouging.  The raw display of combat and athleticism is one of the reasons the sport is so insanely popular.

The UFC claims to have some of the best fighters in the world and if their level of popularity is anything to go by then they may be right.  Championship fights happen a couple of times each year and draws massive crowds.  At this rate of growth it shouldn’t take long before they rival the NFL or NBA in terms of revenue.